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  • Size available: 20" & 24" Cruiser.
  • For 20mm front axle but deliver with 10mm adaptors + Integrated headset 1-1/8" top bearing & 1/5 bottom bearing 45°/45° + 100mm specific compression bolt + Prophecy aluminium top cap 
  • 100% one piece carbon fork
  • Use only high-modulus carbon from Japan
  • 1-1/8" to 1/5 over size carbon steerer 
  • 180mm steerer tube length
  • Aero crown with only 30mm width 
  • Aero carbon fiber legs
  • 20mm drop-out offset
  • Crown race free = No need to put a crown race, it is integrated directly in the shape of the fork
  • Internal locking system to eliminate expander plugs that often compromise steerer strength
  • Compatible with every frame with a head tube oversize 1-1/8" to 1/5 accepting integrated headset 45°/45°
  • Same color artwork design than the frame Scud Evo3 Chrome
  • Weight: 520gr +/-5% (1,15lbs or 18,34oz).
We do not want to show to our competitors all details about ours tests but all ours tests are a lot more extremely tough and destructive than any existing ISO tests and than any tests others brands doing on the market.
  • Fork bending fatigue : In our test we increase the number of cycles by 50% more than the ISO standard and increase as well the frequency
  • Falling mass on hub area: In our test we more than double the high of the drop and nearly double the weight
  • Falling mass on steerer : We have developed a specific tool to test our carbon steerer, that nobody do in the BMX industry. Our steerer process is as well unique with a solid carbon steerer and a unique internal locking system to eliminate expander plugs that often compromise steerer strength
  • Static bending test: Here again we have increased the force and the applying force time for that test
  • Stiffness test: A product not stiff might not break, so this test is to be sure that our product get the stiffness required at the same time than the strength requiered
  • Breaking resistance: Here we want to check which level of force is needed to break the fork = To know the breaking point of the fork